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     Yantai Chengyu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern company devoted to the research and development and sale of professional equipment for excavators such as CHYWOO hydraulic breaker, quick coupler, high-frequency vibration breaker, hydraulic shear, hydraulic crusher, stone grapple, log grapple and other attachments for construction machinery. 
Relying on the technical competitiveness and excellent technical level of Chengyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. in the field of hydraulic equipment of construction machinery in the world, the company has gradually opened up and owned a considerable domestic market in the field of hydraulic equipment, which has been favored and supported by more and more customers.
Chengyu series hydraulic equipments operated by the company are widely used in gravel, mine, road, civil engineering, demolition engineering, special engineering (underwater engineering, tunnel engineering). In many harsh construction environments, Chengyu series hydraulic equipments are well represented by many agents for their excellent performance and perfect technical service system. Business, users and product supporting units of high evaluation.
Chengyu Hydraulic firmly believes that "details determine success or failure" and pays attention to quality management. We will strictly control every manufacturing process of products, devote ourselves to producing more and better products, bring higher benefits to users, and do a solid backing for users!
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