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  Crushing hammer is mainly used in engineering construction to crush rocks or stones. It can improve the efficiency of crushing operation. But after we use the crushing hammer, we should store the crushing hammer well. The precautions for the long-term storage of the crushing hammer are as follows:
1. The crushing hammer should be stored in a place where the temperature difference does not change much. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will cause damage to the crushing hammer.
2. When storing, the steel braze should be unloaded and the nitrogen inside should be released.
3. Butter should be applied at the end of the piston of the crushing hammer, and antirust agent should be applied to the steel brazing and bushing.
4. Crushing hammer should be placed vertically. If not, crushing hammer should be placed on the flat ground where the bars are placed.
5. If the crushing hammer is placed on the bar for more than 6 months, please check the corrosion status of all seals and bolts in the cylinder before operation.
6. In connection with the joints connecting excavators, loaders and main components, the cap of the joints shall be applied to seal the joints to prevent dust from entering the tubing.
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