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  If you don't understand the ten principles of using broken hammers, please read them quickly.
1. First-time friends need to carefully read the relevant operation manual of the crushing hammer to prevent damage to the crushing hammer and excavator in later work, and improve the efficiency of use.
2. Before operation, you should carefully check whether its bolts and connections are loose, and whether there is leakage in the hydraulic pipeline, etc.
3. It is suggested that you do not use a hammer to peck holes in hard rocks.
4. The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder can not be fully extended or fully contracted.
5. If the phenomenon of violent vibration of hydraulic hose is found, the builder should stop using the crushing hammer and check the pressure of accumulator at this time.
6. It is necessary to prevent interference between the drill bits of the breaking hammer of the excavator arm.
7. In addition to the drill bit, you should not immerse the crushing hammer into the water. You should not use the crushing hammer as a lifting device.
8. Shattering hammer shall not be operated on the side of excavator crawler.
9. In the process of installation and connection of crushing hammer and hydraulic excavator or other engineering construction machinery, the working pressure and flow rate of the main hydraulic system of the crushing hammer should meet the technical parameters of the crushing hammer.
10. It is recommended that you adjust the temperature of the hydraulic oil when the hammer is working to about 50-60 degrees, not more than 80 degrees. Otherwise, you should reduce the load of hydraulic hammer properly.
Above is what Xiaobian has carefully prepared for you. Since the birth of the broken hammer, it has been one of the important tools for construction industry. To learn more, we will continue to give you a detailed introduction later. Welcome you to continue to pay attention to this site!