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The application of crushing hammer in engineering construction has brought great convenience to constructors. However, as a tool, if the operators are improper in their operation methods, it is easy to cause some damage. Among them, it is important for us to avoid excessive air strike when using crushing hammer. The specific reasons are as follows:

  When the hammer is hit by air, the operator should stop working in time (to avoid excessive air strikes). If the stone is broken, it should stop hammering immediately and continue hammering, which means doing no work, even affecting the broken function of the hammer.
If the breaking work is completed and the breaking hammer is kept in continuous air strike, the bolts of the breaking hammer are prone to loosening or even breaking, which will bring about light or heavy adverse effects on excavators and loaders. When the breaking force of the breaking hammer is inappropriate, or when the breaking hammer steel brazing is used as a pry rod, it will produce air hammer phenomenon. At this time, the sound of the breaking hammer will change when the breaking hammer is hit by air. We should carefully identify the air hammer phenomenon, and stop working immediately.
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