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      It is well known that steel brazing is one of the important components of crushing hammer. Our company operates crushing hammer and its accessories such as steel brazing, with high hardness, good toughness, wear resistance and beating resistance. The shell is carefully designed according to the requirements of many customers and mechanical engineering mechanics. It has exquisite appearance and is practical. Although the quality of broken hammer steel brazing is guaranteed, it will also fail because of its changeable working environment or unreasonable use method, which directly affects the operation effect. The appearance of the steel brazing of the crushing hammer, as shown in the figure, is as follows:

  What should we pay attention to when we use the broken hammer? Following the hammer manufacturers to see:
1. Attention to the way of exertion. The efficiency of steel brazing with crushing hammer can be improved by using proper downward force.
2. Adjust the position of crushing hammer. When the rock can not be crushed by the hammer impact operation, the crushing operation can not continue in the same place, and should be moved to a new position. If the steel brazing is operated in the same position for a long time, the temperature of the steel brazing will rise, the hardness will be reduced, and the lower end of the steel brazing will be rolled up, thus reducing the operation efficiency.
3. In the case of working in water, no part of the hydraulic hammer shall be dived into the water before distributing the equipment for working in water.
5. Before leaving the equipment, lower the forearm to confirm whether the equipment is in a safe state; when the engine is started, it is forbidden to leave all brakes and locking devices on the equipment for effective use.
The steel brazing of crushing hammer often causes rollover deformation in the lower part. If the end of the steel brazing is worn, the steel brazing is easy to slip. In this case, the end of the steel brazing should be polished sharply, and the hardness of the steel brazing can be reduced by repeated polishing.
These are the precautions for the application of broken hammer steel brazing. For more information, please pay attention to our website or call for consultation.
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