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  Crushing hammer, as one of the common accessories of Engineering machinery, has been widely used in mines, railways, highways and other working occasions. Mastering the correct use method can not only improve the working efficiency of the crushing hammer, but also greatly prolong its service life and reduce the failure frequency.
1. Keep 90 degree angle with material during crushing hammer operation.
In crushing operation, the crushing hammer should be kept perpendicular to the material and the drill rod should be pressed tightly against the crushed object. If the direction of hammering is inclined, the steel brazing is easy to slip off during hammering operation, which may cause the fracture or jamming of the steel brazing and piston. Therefore, when crushing operation, breakdown point should be selected to ensure that the crushing hammer and material keep 90 degrees angle.
2. Proper breakdown force should be used in crushing operation.
Suitable breakdown force should be used in crushing operation. If the breakdown force is insufficient, then the hammering energy of the piston will not be able to effectively crush the stones, so the reaction force of the hammering force will be transmitted to the crushing hammer body and the bearing machine of the crushing hammer, thus damaging these components. If the breakdown force is too large, the machine may suddenly tilt in the moment of gravel, and the crushing hammer will hit the stone violently, which will also cause damage to the crushing hammer. So during the breaking hammer operation, we should always pay attention to the breakdown force of the breaking hammer.
3. The crushing hammer strikes more than 30 seconds at an action point during crushing operation.
When hydraulic hammer breaks, do not strike continuously at the same point. When the hammer hits continuously for more than 30 seconds at the same fixed point and fails to break the target, please change the selected point to try again. When breaking a particularly hard object, start at the edge. Continuous striking at the same fixed point will cause excessive loss of drill rod and overheating of hydraulic oil.
4. Do not use broken hammer steel brazing as prying rod
When crushing hammer, do not use crushing hammer to move/pry stones, which can easily lead to broken hammer steel brazing and bracket damage. When the steel braze is inserted in the stone, the excavator should not walk or swing its arms and arms!
Only in accordance with the above requirements, we can effectively improve the production efficiency of crushing hammer. Now do you have a more in-depth understanding of it? Keep looking forward to our explanation.
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