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  As an efficient crushing equipment, crushing hammer has been widely used in mining, railway, highway, municipal and other work occasions. Although there are many kinds of crushing hammer, the crushing principle of crushing hammer is generally similar. Because the working environment of the crushing hammer in the work is bad and changeable, the application of force is more complex, often several kinds of force coexist at the same time, so there will be many kinds of crushing application methods in the construction of a crushing hammer at the same time. Today, the crushing hammer manufacturer will introduce the impact crushing method of the crushing hammer for you.
1. When the pressure of hydraulic oil of crushing hammer reaches a certain amount, the hammer rod is crushed by the piston running.
2. The impact of moving objects on materials.
3. The material moving at high speed impacts on the fixed working face.
4. Material moving at high speed impact each other.
5. The high-speed moving body impacts the suspended material.

  Above is the crushing hammer manufacturer for you to bring a few simple introduction about the crushing hammer operation mode, I believe you have a certain understanding of the construction application of the crushing hammer. In the application of crushing hammer, due to the influence of working environment, the parts of crushing hammer are often damaged to varying degrees, and the moving materials will also cause blockage to the equipment, so attention should be paid to the maintenance and repair after use.
If you have requirements or questions about the hammer, please call the hammer manufacturer. We have experienced engineers, not only to help you with the installation of broken hammer and broken hammer parts, but also to provide technical guidance for later use and maintenance, to ensure the safety of your construction operations and application efficiency.
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