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High frequency hammer is a new type of excavator accessory product, which changes the principle of piston impact crushing and uses motor to drive it. It uses centrifugal force to move up and down to produce destructive force. What problems should we pay attention to when using high frequency hammer?
1. High frequency hammer is used with hydraulic excavator. Before using the crushing hammer, please start the excavator engine correctly according to the instructions of the excavator instruction.
2. There may be some deviation between the direction of the bucket teeth entering the crushed material and the direction of the crushing hammer itself. Therefore, in use, attention should be paid to adjusting the crank arm of the bucket to maintain the consistency of the two directions.
3. After the crushed object is successfully broken, the crushing hammer operation pedal should be loosened immediately so that the crushing hammer stops hitting operation.
4. If the high-frequency hammer needs to be operated underwater, it is necessary to install a one-way valve on the top of the vibration box to prevent water inflow.
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