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The crushing hammer can be used to excavate the foundation of a building more effectively to clean up the floating rocks and the soil in the crevices of rocks. The work of crushing hammer is also inseparable from the parts of crushing hammer. First of all, we need to learn how to preserve the broken hammer parts. Next, follow Xiaobian to learn about it.
1. Keep the broken hammer fittings dry indoors.
2. When the crushing hammer is stored, it should be noted that the fittings will not be affected by other things in the room.
3. Place the hammer vertically or on the wooden floor.
4. The parts of crushing hammer should be rust-proof. After all, they are stored for a long time and not handled properly. When they are used again, they may find rust spots.
5. Before long-term storage, it is necessary to confirm that all the parts of the hammer are in good condition, and the damaged parts need to be repaired, and all the parts need to be maintained before storage.
Only by properly preserving the parts of the crushing hammer can the complete state of the parts be guaranteed, and the normal use of the parts of the crushing hammer can be guaranteed when it is used again next time.
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