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Because the crushing hammer is a fast reciprocating impact movement, the speed of oil return is fast and the relative pulse is large, which causes the aging speed of hydraulic oil to accelerate, and the hydraulic system of excavator will also be damaged. We should protect the excavator from damage when using the crushing hammer. What problems should we pay attention to?
1. Use high quality crushing hammer (with accumulator)
Analysis: Low quality crushing hammer is prone to problems in design, manufacture, inspection and other links. It is easy to cause excavator damage because of its high failure rate in use.
2. Appropriate engine speed (medium throttle)
Analysis: Due to the lower requirement of breaking hammer on working pressure and flow rate (such as 20-ton excavator, working pressure 160-180 KG, flow 140-180 L/MIN), medium throttle can work; if the large throttle works, not only will it not increase the impact strength, but also will cause abnormal temperature rise of hydraulic oil, which will also cause great damage to the hydraulic system.
3. Correct butter posture, frequency and quantity
Make sure to add lubricating grease every 2 hours under the condition of steel brazing and straightening.
Analysis: If the lubricating grease is added in the suspension state of the steel braze, the grease will enter the hitting chamber. When the hitting chamber is hit, abnormal high pressure oil will enter the hydraulic system and damage the hydraulic pump.
4. Hydraulic oil quantity and pollution
Analysis: Because hydraulic oil pollution is one of the main causes of hydraulic pump failure, it is necessary to confirm the contamination status of hydraulic oil in time. (Change hydraulic oil in 600 hours and filter element in 100 hours).
Lack of hydraulic oil will lead to cavitation phenomenon, resulting in hydraulic pump failure, broken hammer piston cylinder block pull injury, etc. Recommendation: check oil level before use every day.
5. Replace oil seal in time
Analysis: Oil seal belongs to vulnerable parts. It is suggested that the hammer should be replaced once for 600-800 hours. When the oil seal leaks, the work should be stopped immediately and the oil seal should be replaced. If the side dust is easy to enter the hydraulic system, the hydraulic system should be damaged, and the hydraulic pump should be damaged.
6. Keep the pipeline clean
When installing the crushing hammer pipeline, it should be thoroughly cleaned and circularly docked with the inlet and return oil pipelines. When replacing the bucket, the crushing hammer pipeline should be blocked to keep the pipeline clean.
Analysis: Sand and other impurities are easy to damage the hydraulic pump when they enter the hydraulic system.
Xiao Bian: Greece