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Crushing hammer is usually installed on excavators to cooperate with the use of crushing construction is a new technology, after continuous improvement and improvement by engineers, with its superior performance, good adaptability, economy, low noise and other characteristics have been widely accepted and used around the world. In the development process of crushing hammer, there are the following types of machines that we often contact.
1. Rock drill type: Drawing lessons from the characteristics of hydraulic impact drill, the operating pressure and impact energy of hammer are directly related to the flow rate of oil.
2. Short stroke type: For piston short stroke, it reduces excessive impact energy and increases impact frequency, that is to say, high impact frequency can be obtained with the same input power.
3. Constant impact energy type: The application of internal structure ensures constant operating pressure, can operate in a large flow range, and has constant impact energy, improve work efficiency, and can be easily installed on different mainframes.
4. Self-adjusting type: The impact energy and frequency of hammer can be adjusted according to the different hardness of crushed material.
5. Freely adjustable type: the operators of the hammer can not freely adjust the operation of the hammer, and the freely adjustable type operators can remotely control the operation pressure of the hammer. Hydraulic hammer with characteristics of different periods is still in production and application.
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