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Crushing hammer is a hydraulic system to promote the reciprocating motion of the piston to work and output the strike energy to work. Common failure phenomena of breaking hammer's strike frequency include non-strike, intermittent strike, low strike frequency and weak strike. So what are the causes of these phenomena? Today let the crushing hammer manufacturers take you to explore:
1. The piston moves but does not strike. The main reason for this situation is that the drill rod is stuck. The drill rod can be removed to check whether the rod pin and rod are broken or damaged. If necessary, the piston inside and outside sleeves can be observed to see if there are small pieces of broken or falling stick to the drill rod. If so, the drill rod can be cleaned up in time.
2. There is not enough high-pressure oil flowing into the hammer without striking: there is not enough high-pressure oil flowing into the hammer without striking.
3. Piston jam: Whether the piston can move flexibly by hand or not, if the piston can not move flexibly, the piston and guide sleeve have been scratched, the guide sleeve should be replaced, and even the piston should be replaced if possible.
4. Can't hit when crushing to death, can hit when lifting a little bit: The cause of this situation may be the wear of the inner liner, need to be checked and replaced.
5. Improper bushing replacement. After replacing the bushing, the breaking hammer stops working. It does not strike when pressed down, and has strike action when lifted slightly. After replacing the bushing, the piston position should be more upright, resulting in some small reversing valve control oil circuit in the cylinder block has been closed at the starting position, and the reversing valve stopped working, causing the breaking hammer to stop working. The original or regular bushing needs to be adjusted and replaced.
Above is a part of the impact frequency factors summarized by Yantai crushing hammer manufacturer. I hope it will be helpful to you.
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