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Crushing hammer is mainly used in conjunction with excavator. It is an indispensable shock vibration machine in modern construction. It has the advantages of high impact energy, high efficiency, low energy consumption, light weight and simple structure. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, railway, highway, construction, municipal engineering, housing development and other fields. Rock, concrete, ladle, slag, frozen soil, ice, cement pavement, piers, buildings and other hard objects for mining, crushing, demolition and other operations.
Because the crushing hammer relies on the hydraulic pressure of the excavator to work, obtaining the appropriate hydraulic pressure from the excavator can give full play to the extremely high performance. Therefore, the correct measurement of oil pressure and flow into the crushing hammer and the determination of corresponding parameters can ensure the normal working efficiency of the crushing hammer. Then, what measures does the crushing hammer manufacturer take to measure the oil pressure and flow value of the crushing hammer?
Oil pressure measurement of crushing hammer can be divided into system pressure and working pressure measurement by installing an oil pressure gauge larger than the design pressure at the corresponding position according to the design pressure parameters. Flushing and shock-proof oil pressure gauges should be selected for oil pipelines with large impact on oil pressure. Oil pressure is accomplished by pressure regulating valve and relief valve. The pressure adjusting handle should be loosened before testing the new hydraulic system. The adjusting handle should be slowly tightened by opening the oil pump and the pressure should be adjusted to the standard value by observing the pressure gauge.
Flow control adjustment is realized by speed regulating valve or throttle valve, usually by adjusting the size of the spool throttle to control the flow.
Above is the crushing hammer manufacturer summarized crushing hammer oil pressure and flow measurement measures, I hope to give you some inspiration. Correct use of crushing hammer can maintain its normal operation and ensure smooth construction.
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