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Yantai crushing hammer product integration and integration of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and other technologies, product structure is complex, processing is difficult, product weight is large, belongs to technology-intensive products. The drill rod of crushing hammer is also one of the indispensable parts for the construction of crushing hammer. The drill rod types of Yantai crushing hammer can be divided into the following categories according to their shapes:
1. Flat-end drill rod. Flat head drill rod is mainly used for breaking medium hardness stone or broken small stone. The energy of Yantai crushing hammer is released through the large surface of flat head, which will not produce torsional force and has good crushing effect.
2, flat drill rod. Flat drill rod, also known as one-head drill rod, is widely used. In the same working environment, the drill rods with one-word head are more wear-resistant, because their shapes are more suitable for handling hard materials, and are suitable for excavation and trenching of sedimentary rocks, high-hardness seamed rocks and various soft and neutral stratified rocks.
3. Cone quadrilateral drill rod. The cone quadrilateral drill rod is a kind of drill rod widely used in the construction of Yantai crushing hammer. It has strong penetrating force. Even very hard objects can be easily separated by the splitting force produced by its cone. It is suitable for the operation with large crushing area such as hill-opening, road-repairing and house-dismantling.