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The bucket and crushing hammer work alternately. In the process of replacement, the hydraulic pipeline is easy to be polluted. Only the correct installation method can ensure the hydraulic pipeline from being polluted. Next, let's learn about the installation method of hydraulic hammer.
1. Move the excavator to a flat muddy, dusty and debris-free site, shut down the engine, release the pressure in the hydraulic pipeline and the gas in the mailbox.
2. Rotate the stop valve at the end of the arm 90 degrees to the OFF position to prevent the hydraulic oil from flowing out.
3. Release the hose plug on the arm of the crushing hammer, and then insert a small amount of hydraulic oil into a container.
4. To prevent soil and dust from entering the pipeline, plug the hose with a plug and plug the pipeline with an internal thread plug. In order to prevent dust pollution, high-pressure and low-pressure pipes should be tied with wire.
When the hose plug is equipped for bucket operation, the plug is designed to prevent soil and dust from getting into the hose.
The internal thread plug is designed to prevent the dust or dust attached to the main engine of the equipment from entering the tubing.
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