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After the oil seal of crushing hammer is brittle and blocky, it not only loses its dust-proof function, but also accumulates a lot of dust and impurities, which makes the piston rod grind hard directly with impurities, causing the piston rod to be pulled and scratched again the rubber seal assembly at the cylinder mouth, resulting in serious leakage of the hydraulic cylinder. If it is not handled in time, it will affect the normal use of the hydraulic cylinder slightly and make the hydraulic cylinder unable to work heavily. Next, the crushing hammer manufacturer will introduce the repairing procedure for the breakdown of the piston rod of the crushing hammer for you.
For lighter broken hammer piston rod tension marks, local grinding and polishing can be used to repair; for heavier tension marks, welding and manual grinding are needed to repair.
Welding repair should be done by cleaning the welded area, and then using wet mud to surround the stretch marks. The acidic electrode is not sensitive to rust, oil and water, and it is not easy to produce hydrogenation holes. It has good workmanship, easy operation, beautiful weld formation, moderate hardness of material, easy manual processing, and strong bonding with base metal after welding. Clean up mud and slag after all welding
For more information about breaking hammer, please consult the breaking hammer manufacturer.