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The construction environment and operation nature of crushing hammer determine that one of the supporting facilities should be carefully selected, and the operation rules should be strictly observed to meet the actual requirements of employment, avoid the delay caused by damage of crushing hammer and increase the construction cost.
The selection of hydraulic oil determines the efficiency of the hydraulic hammer. Therefore, today, Yantai hammer manufacturer will summarize several key points for the selection of hydraulic oil for Yantai hammer:
1. Choose according to the season. For the crushing hammer working in low temperature environment, the low temperature hydraulic oil with high viscosity index should be selected to make the low temperature oil fluidity of the system good and cold start easy.
2, fuel tank size. The smaller the tank, the higher the requirements of antioxidant stability, extreme pressure and antiwear, air release and filtration of oil.
3. Component adaptation. Different components have a very low configuration requirement for the hydraulic oil used, so when choosing hydraulic oil for crushing hammer, attention should be paid to the compatibility of hydraulic parts, materials used, seals and paint with the selected hydraulic oil.
4. Engineering pressure. If the higher the requirement of speed, system pressure and accuracy of mechanism action, the higher the requirement of wear resistance and bearing capacity of the hydraulic oil used.
5, the environment. In order to reduce the formation and deposition of sludge, attention should be paid to the viscosity, high temperature performance and thermal stability of oil during oil selection according to the possible working temperature, continuous operation time and sanitary condition of working environment.
6, economy. Considering the price, service life, maintenance and safe operation cycle of hydraulic system, we should focus on the brand with good economic benefits.
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